About ACCA Course:

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the largest global professional accountants.It is Combination of Accountancy,Finance & Management that provides a solid foundation in core accounting principles and is more inclined towards tax,statutory audit,assurance and other technical aspects of accounting.
It provides a business-relevant,first-choice qualification to those who seeks a rewarding career in accountancy,finance and management.


What is ACCA?

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants supporting 6,86,000 members and students in 183+ countries since 1904. As a globally recognized course, members of the institute will be able to diversify their roles which makes them more industry relevant. 

In ACCA, one will also get opportunity to earn BSc degree from Oxford Brookes University and MSc degree from University of London.

Why ACCA ?

Advantages of the Course
Recognition & Certification right

As an ACCA member, one will get recognition in 183+ countries having certification right in 78 countries across the globe. 

Career Prospect

ACCA is highly preferred in core accounting roles, forensic accounting, business valuation, tax and treasury management, and auditing roles. As ACCA trains one to take diverse roles and perform strategic roles at senior level. 


The institute provides an updated and practical oriented curriculum which allows students to have a better understanding of the syllabus in less time. Also, Professionals are entitled to a fastrack route thereby the course is completed in a year. 

Paper Exemptions

One can get maximum 9 paper exemption based on their qualification. 

Companies Hiring ACC


Exam Details

Description Amount in GBP
Registration Fee 79
Annual subscription Fee 105
Registration Fee 79
Annual subscription Fee 105

Course Structure

Course Structure

To qualify as an ACCA member, a candidate will be required to do the following:

• Attempt and clear 13 exams (ACCA does provide exemptions in some exams depending upon the candidate’s previous qualification)
• Record 36 months’ experience in a relevant role. The candidate can acquire the experience before /during/ after completion of the qualification.
• Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module.

The 13 courses and exams of ACCA are divided into three levels: Knowledge, Skills & Professional.

3 Courses

• F1-Business Accounting
• F2-Management Accounting
• F3-Financial Accounting

Completion of levels from F1-F3 along with Foundation in Professional Ethics module helps you to earn Diploma in Accounting & Business.

• F4-Corporate and Business Law
• F5-Performance Management
• F6-Taxation
• F7-Financial Reporting
• F8-Audit and Assurance
• F9-Financial Management

Completion of 9 subjects (including 3 in the Knowledge Level) along with Ethics & Professional Skills module, can earn you an Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Business.

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Options (Any 2 from 4)
P4-Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
P5-Advanced Performance Management (APM)
P6-Advanced Taxation (ATX)
P7-Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Students must complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module which develops a complete range of skills that is demanded by the employers.

To qualify as an ACCA member, students must complete 36 months’ relevant work experience and achieve 9 performance objectives.

ACCA Course Eligibility

One can join the course right after class 10th and above.

ACCA Course Duration based on exemption

10+2/ UNDERGRADUATE/ Graduate with non-Commerce background

• Registration : Fundamental Level 
• Exemption: NA

Graduate with Commerce background

• Registration : Skill Level 
• Exemption: 4 papers ( F1, F2, F3 and F4)

• Registration : Fundamental Level 
• Exemption: NA

Graduate with Commerce background

• Registration : Skill Level 
• Exemption: 4 papers ( F1, F2, F3 and F4)

Graduate+ CA Inter appeared having 40 marks in Taxation and Audit / CA Inter Cleared

• Registration : Skill Level 
• Exemption: 6 papers ( F1, F2, F3, F4, F6 and F8 )

CMA(India) having less than 5 year work experience

• Registration : Skill Level 
• Exemption: 6 papers (F1, F2, F3, F4, F6 and F7)


• Registration : Skill Level 
• Exemption: 7 papers ( F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F8 and F9)

CA Qualified/ Qualified CMA(India) having more than 5 years work experience/CA Finalist having scored 40 marks in PM, FR and FM

• Registration : Professional Level 4 papers 
• Exemption: 9 papers ( Fundamental and Skill level)

ACCA Course Fees

Description Amount in GBP
Registration Fee 79
Annual subscription Fee 105
Exam Fee
Fundamental Level (objective type exam) 90/paper
Skill Level (objective type exam) 108/paper
Professional Level ( exam) 190/paper


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