About CIMA Course

The CIMA Course is recognized globally as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business.CIMA is world’s leading professional body of Management Accountants. This course is a unique blend of Finance and Management courses, where Management Accountants analyze financial information from management perspective. 
Further CIMA professionals have the privilege to be entitled CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) powered by CIMA and AICPA two of world’s most prestigious entities.

What is CIMA?

CIMA stands for Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is one of the largest global entity for Management Accountants since 1919 with 2,27,000 members and students operating the heart of business in 179+ countries. 
CIMA professionals are highly preferred in shared services, financial services sector as well as managerial roles across various sectors and industries. A CIMA professional has the privilege to be entitled to the CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) designation, powered by CIMA and AICPA, two of world’s most prestigious entities.

Why CIMA - Advantages of the Course

The CGMA designation

After completing CIMA course, you automatically qualify for the designation and can use the letters CGMA after your name. The CGMA designation extends the global reach of your recognition as a chartered management accountant. It will add power to your resume by demonstrating your business acumen, ethics and commitment which makes you employer's first preference.

Career Prospect

As a CIMA member, you can share best practices, create innovation and be better prepared to meet the global challenges in today’s business environment. CIMA professional are highly preferred in the IT sector, banking sector, financial services sector, E-commerce as well as various managerial roles across various industries in India and abroad.


CIMAcourse offers flexibility to study at their own pace for their students. Even professional can also manages their study with their work.


CIMA members get global recognition across 178+ countries.Every day the institute work with key employers and influencers worldwide, increasing awareness of the course.

Paper Exemptions

In CIMA course, you will get numerous paper exemptions based on your qualification. Maximum no of paper exemption is 15.

Companies Hiring CIMA
Companies Hiring CIMA

Exam Details

Particulars Objective type Case Study
 Exam at each level 3 1
 Exam window All throughout the year Feb, May, Aug and Nov
 Pattern Objective type Integrated case studies
 Duration 90 min 180 min
 Result Immediately After 1 month

Course Structure

CIMA exams are divided into four levels; Certificate Level, Operational Level, Management Level and Strategic Level :

Course Structure


• BA1 – Fundamentals of Business Economics
• BA 2 – Fundamentals of Management Accounting
• BA 3 – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
• BA 4 – Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
Exam : 4 Objective Exams
Certificate : CIMA Certificate in business accounting

• E1:Organizational Management
• P1: Management Accounting
• F1: Financial Reporting and Taxation
Exam: 3 Objective Exams and 1 Case study
Certificate: CIMA Diploma in management Accounting

• E2: Project and Relationship Management
• P2 : Advanced Management Accounting
• F2: Advanced Financial Reporting
Exam: 3 Objective Exams and 1 Case study
Certificate :CIMA Advance Diploma in Management accounting

• E3 Strategic Management
• P3 Risk Management
• F3 Financial Strategy
Exam: 3 Objective Exams and 1 Case study
Certificate: Assessment of Practical experience

CIMA Course Eligibility

One can join the course right after class 10th and above.

CIMA Course Duration based on exemption

10+2/ Undergraduate/ Graduate with non-commerce background

• Duration: 3.5 years
• Exemption: NA

10+2 pass outs

• Duration: 3 years
• Exemption: 5 papers (BA1, BA3, BA4, P1 & OCS)

Graduate with Commerce background

• Duration: 2-2.5 years
• Exemption: 4 papers ( BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4)

CA Inter cleared

• Duration: 2 years
• Exemption: 6 papers (BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4, P1 and F1)


• Duration: 1 year
• Exemption: 11 papers (BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4, P1, F1, E1,OCS, E2, P2 and F2)

CA/CMA/Graduate(75%)+3 years work exp./CEO/CFO

• Duration: 6 months
• Exemption: 15 papers ( BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4, P1, F1, E1, MCS, E2, P2, F2,OCS, E3, P3 and F3)

CIMA Course Fees

Description Objective type
Registration Fee 77
Subscription Fee 120
Exam Fee
Certificate Level (objective type exam) 70/paper
Operational Level (objective type exam) 90/paper
Operational Level (case study exam) 145/paper
Management Level (objective type exam) 100/paper
Management Level (case study exam) 155/paper
Strategic Level (objective type exam) 145/paper
Strategic Level (case study exam) 220/paper


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