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Regulated by Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, the largest global entity for professional accountants and certified as ACCA, this qualification makes one highly employable and industry relevant resource in the domains of International Financial Regulatory Standards, Statutory Audit, Assurance, Risk Management and Control. As an ACCA member, one is authorized to certify financial statements in 78 countries including entire Europe and the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, China et al. One can pursue this program right after X standard and complete the qualification by or before graduation. Simultaneously, one is conferred a B.Sc from Oxford Brookes University and an M.Sc from University of London.

What is ACCA
Fundamental Level
Skill Level
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FAB/AB or FMA/MA or FFA/FA - Exam Registration
FAB/AB or FMA/MA or FFA/FA - Exam Registration :

Computer based exam registration at Saraf Academy for 11th & 12th class & Undergraduates.

Skill Level & Professional Level(Registration + ACCA 1 Subject)
Skill Level & Professional Level(Registration + ACCA 1 Subject):

Any 1 subject from Skill Level & Professional Level + ACCA Registration


BT(10999) + MA (10999) + FA (10999) = 32997 = 28999

Business & Technology
Business & Technology:

Here you will be examined on how well you understand the environment of the business world and how this affects the way the role of accountants within businesses operate. You will need to have an understanding of essential management skills and on how an accountant can have a positive impact on the organisation


Management Accounting :

This explores your understanding of how to prepare and analyse basic quantitative data and cost information in order to support managers in making important business decisions.


Financial Accounting :

The aim of this exam is to test your ability to use double-entry accounting techniques. You will need to know the basic principles and regulations and demonstrate your technical proficiency. This includes knowing how to prepare basic financial statements and basic consolidated financial statements, and how to interpret them.


Corporate & Business Law - CBE(LW)-Exam Registration
Corporate & Business Law - CBE(LW)-Exam Registration:

Computer based Exam Registration at Saraf Academy for Undergraduates.


LW-FM Combo
LW-FM Combo:


Any 2 Paper Combo(PM-FM)
Any 2 Paper Combo(PM-FM):


Corporate and Business Laws :

F4 tests your general knowledge of the legal framework. It also tests your knowledge of how the law relates to business and when one should consult an expert.


Performance Management :

This exam tests your practical skills in management accounting. This includes your technical ability to produce quantitative and qualitative information which can be used for a variety of business purposes.


Taxation :

The main aim of this paper is to test your knowledge of taxation. This paper will give you knowledge on how taxation applies to individuals, companies, and groups of companies.


Financial Reporting :

F7 will help build your knowledge of accounting standards, and also develop your skills related to the application of theoretical frameworks to the preparation of financial statements. One will learn how to interpret these financial statements which will come to use in ones professional work.


Audit and Assurance :

This is the course at the skills level of ACCA and deals with the topics of Audit and Assurance. It is a critical area that ensures that the financial reports by the company are accurate and paint the true picture. In respect to process audits, it ensures that the systems of the company are robust.


Financial Management :

Your ability to perform as a financial manager will be tested under the F9 paper. You will be tested on the ins and outs of investment and finance, also on dividend policy decisions.




Balance payment of PL:

Any 2 paper Combo (SBR, AFM & APM)
Any 2 paper Combo (SBR, AFM & APM):


Strategic Business Reporting:

Here the application of principals to financial reporting, and appropriate practices in a range of situations in the place of work, will be tested.


Advanced Financial Management:

Here you will be able to explore your skills in relation to the financial management of different types of organisations. You will be tested on your ability to exercise professional judgement related to finance within a business. P4 is one of four Options papers. You need to complete two Options papers as part of the ACCA exam requirements.


Advanced Performance Management:

Here you will be able to exercise your professional judgement in applying appropriate management accounting techniques. You will also be tested on how you are able to contribute to the evaluation of a specific organisation and its development.

Strategic Business Leadership
Strategic Business Leadership:

This is an unseen case study worth 100 marks, which allows a reading time of 1 hour and exam writing time of 3 hours. All students of this compulsory paper must build skills that are used in the entire professional level, making them effective to tackle the challenges posed by this paper.

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