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About Saraf Academy: We are in the business of creating global business leaders. We welcome you to discover an empowering and successful future in the field of Business, Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing and Finance through our guided training and mentoring from a team of experts having over 25 years of experience.
For a record, we have mentored over 50,000 learners covering students, working professionals, decision makers at companies et al. We have a successful history of consistently producing rank holders both nationally and internationally.
We are committed to delivering excellence in education and to our participants success.We are invested with latest and most user- friendly technology that creates an engaging, efficient and exciting learning experience for our learners through our virtual classroom more...

Take The Right Turn







Every day is full of unimaginable possibilities. A new aim. A new dream. A bigger purpose. It all depends on where you decide to go. Take the right turn. read more

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Transforming Education Globally

Lead Manager - regional Learning Development Middle East, South Asia & North Africa - Management Accounting
The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) body grows by the day, creating our own future, working hand in hand with our stakeholders in the learning space and corporate world. In response to the rapidly changing business environment, CIMA is in transformation mode, to adopt faster and cater to the changing needs of the more

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Saraf Academy, A Valuable Contributor

Head of International Development, ACCA
The debate about skills and upskilling is predominant in the Indian professional education landscape today. The education which is provided in schools does not necessarily equip students to be employable in the industry, and owing to this, a majority of students and professionals are required to up skill later on in their lives. Discussing specifically about careers in accounting and finance in India, we at ACCA have noticed more